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5-2011 - Our Shared Wisdom is proud to announce  a donation of 10% of sales to Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America, a non-profit organization, which will go to the chapter's Literacy fund.
If you want to purchase A Mother's Wisdom at Amazon.com, please use this ISBN:9781456528850 in the search field.


July, 2011 - Just got Barnes and Noble (http://www.bn.com/) in Medford Oregon to add A Mother's Wisdom to their book shelves! Will be hitting the other B&Ns to do the same. Also have it placed in the following Southern Oregon book stores:

Bloomsbury Books, Ashland, Oregon

Sound Peace, Ashland, Oregon

Shady Kate's Boutique, Shady Cove, Oregon

Changing Hands Books, Tempe, AZ

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June, 2012 A Father's Advice was released! There are 18 fathers who have offered their advice for your enjoyment. It is now available through our link under "Books." Enjoy!                    

Thank you for your support!


“I’ve found A Mother’s Wisdom to be enlightening – it’s full of poignant advice and “mom-isms” that make one stop to “smell the roses”.  I’m not even finished reading it, and already I know that it is going to make a profound difference in my journey through motherhood.”   ~  Ingrid Jones, mother of Brett, 6 years old 


“The book is a delight! Just what I want my children to know. “ ~ Rachel, mother of four.


“Can't wait to buy the book. I could really use it for my sister whose kids are causing her grief.”                           ~Mary, May, 2011


 "What a wise, encouraging, funny (sometimes) book --- I really enjoyed each mother's words, but for different reasons.....I'm passing it on to (my daughter) to read and, hopefully, learn from it. Thank you so much for sending it, and please tell (Cathryn) she did a wonderful thing!"                                                                      ~ Joyce, Tucson

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event


Join us on November 2, 2011 at Changing Hands Book s where Cathryn along with a number of A Mother's Wisdom authors will be hosting an event about the book and how it came to be.
Where: Changing Hands Books
                6428 S. McClintock Dr.
                Tempe, AZ 85293
Date: November 2, 2011
Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm

Look forward to your being there and meeting you!

Join us on September 1, 2012 -at Terra Firma in Jacksonville, Oregon for a day long signing which will include the Oregon authors of A Mother's Wisdom. A Father's Advice will also be available for purchase at that time.

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